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Sports Betting Bonuses Online Explained

There are ways to increase your bankroll when it comes to sports betting, however, there are often strings attached to being able to do so. In most cases, sportsbooks require a play-through before you’re able to withdraw your bonus, this means that you need to bet a certain amount before you can access the bonus.

Biggest Racing Carnivals in Australia

In Australia, horseracing is responsible for bringing in the most revenue from land-based and online betting practices. Horse racing takes place on a weekly basis with meetings conducted all around the country at Provincial, Metropolitan and Country race clubs. The Australian Racing Season kicks off on the 1st of August each year and concludes at …

NHL Betting Strategy Explained

As far as Ice Hockey goes, the National Hockey League is the cream of the crop. Although it originated in the late 1800s in Canada, it’s spread like wildfire since and is now a favourite with sports lovers the world over. Even in hotter countries, like Australia!

UFC Match Deciders and Top Bet Options

A Look at the UFC Match Deciders and Top Bet Options

While you are obviously aware that you grapple and strike with your opponent in UFC matches, do you know the different ways a winner gets decided? Decision If a bout goes the distance without a Knockout or Submission occurring, the winner is determined by decision. Each round gets scored by three judges using the 10 …

Creating a Sports Betting Strategy

Making money wagering on sports is not as difficult as you may fear and many bettors win more often than they lose! They would all agree, however, that the key to doing so is being consistent and having a good strategy in place that guides you every step of the way.

Bettor’s Guide To Thoroughbred Handicapping

When starting out betting on thoroughbred horse racing, it’s important to first become familiar with certain basic concepts. These include the different handicapping methods, how and when to actually place a bet, how to determine value, what types of races best to leave alone, and even how to tell if a race has been fixed …

Pros And Cons Of Futures Bets

Futures bets have become the ultimate test for the seasoned punter from New Zealand seeking a challenging sports betting option. Futures bets do however feature pros and cons that either have the potential for big winning combinations or the complete opposite. The following handy guide will provide you with both the advantages and disadvantages of …

A Perfect Guide to Online Golf Betting

One of the fastest growing forms of online sports betting is Golf wagering. Sport betting sites offer many ways to wager on the results of tournaments or the performance of players, while still keeping things simple. Sports betting can be done at sports betting sites or online casinos. In either case, you will need to …

European and American Roulette Games Explained

European roulette originated in France during the 17th century and is the most popular version of the game.  American roulette originated later in the United States. Very similar to French roulette, European roulette has a wheel, metal ball and the table on which bets are placed.