UFC Match Deciders and Top Bet Options

A Look at the UFC Match Deciders and Top Bet Options

While you are obviously aware that you grapple and strike with your opponent in UFC matches, do you know the different ways a winner gets decided?


If a bout goes the distance without a Knockout or Submission occurring, the winner is determined by decision.

Each round gets scored by three judges using the 10 Point Must System and when the fight concludes these points get tallied up. If all the judges reach the same score, the winner will be declared as having done so by Unanimous Decision. If two score one fighter as the winner but the third one doesn’t, it’s a Split Decision. And if two judges decided that a certain fighter is the winner and the third concluded that it was a Draw, that’s a Majority Decision.

It’s also possible to win a fight by Technical Decision, which means that one participant is too badly injured to keep going.

Wagers that will work in this scenario include Moneyline bets, where you decide which combatant will win outright, Method of Victory wagers, and Round bets, where you correctly choose the time the match gets called.


If the referee rules that one fighter is violating the boxing rules, their opponent could win thanks to Disqualification. Sometimes Prop bets are available for this outcome too, varying from fight to fight and from bookmaker to bookmaker.


If a fighter is injured or sick, they will Forfeit and their opponent will be declared the winner. Doing the proper amount of research before a fight and keeping up to date with fighters’ health news could see you able placing a profitable wager regarding this result.


When two combatants are too evenly matched a Draw can be called. This could be due to the three judges’ scores for both fighters being the same, or their cancelling each other out, and it can also happen if both contenders get too injured to continue. That would be a Technical Draw, declared by the ref.

Referees can also call a No Contest match if both fighters break the rules or if one is unable to carry on because of being injured by a foul.

Round online betting can work well if you think you can see this happening as the match begins.


Submission is called when one fighter either physically or verbally taps out. And, unlike in most other sports, there’s no shame in submitting in a UFC fight. Method of Victory, Moneyline, and Round wagering are all good bets for this result.

UFC Submission


In Technical Knockouts, the ref will stop the fight because they’ve determined one combatant can no longer defend themselves properly. Linesmen are responsible for deciding fighters’ status in the fast-changing and generally chaotic conditions in the ring and there’s no Standing Eight Count.

Technical Knockouts can even be implemented even if both opponents are still standing, although a straight Knockout will see one of them on the mat. Fight of the Night wagers are a good choice when you think this result is likely.