Read An Overview Of Black Widow Online Slots Game

The style of graphics presented in Black Widow slot is a realistic cartoon style that does its best to mimic real life with cutting edge graphics. The colour palette utilised in Black Widow online slot is a mix of muted colours and a deep, rich, contrasting red. Some might consider this a blood red, which would make quite a bit of sense considering the overall theme of this slot centres on a woman who kills the men she is involved in in order to attain their wealth.

Behind the reels, the player can see ornate wallpaper with flower patterns. If the player looks closely, they will see some hidden elements in this pattern. There are skulls built into these patters as well as large spider webs located in the top right as well as the top left corners. This helps to communicate the underlying darkness of this slot and perhaps the murderous intent of the woman in the black fur. The reels themselves are surrounded by a gilded golden frame which makes it look as if the slot itself is hanging on a wall.

At the top of the reels, the player can see the name of this slot, Black Widow, written in a red and black gradient and surrounded by a neon blue outline. Below the reels, the player is given the opportunity to adjust their line bet with the use of blue arrows pointing to the left and to the right. The player can also see how many lines they are playing, their total bet, their win, and their balance with the best games. The player also can see a spin button surrounded in a spider web as well as an autospin button.

Slot Symbols

The best NZ online pokies sites slot symbols in this game consist of some traditional slot symbols as well as symbols which match up with the theme. From least valuable to most valuable, these symbols include a red ten, a blue jack, a gold queen, an orange king, a purple ace, a businessman in a blue suit, a judge in his black robes, a doctor in a white suit and the Black Widow herself holding a bottle of green poison.

The Black Widow title symbol serves as the wild in this game and can substitute for any symbol besides the green bottle of poison bonus symbol.

Bonus Features

This slot has several casino bonus features. The first of these bonus features is the free spins bonus feature. The free spin bonus feature is activated when the player manages to land the green poison symbol fills up all of reels two, three and four. This symbol only appears on these reels. Once the player has done this, seven free spins are awarded.

The next feature is only available during the free spins bonus feature. This web capture feature is activated when one of the male character symbols lands in the centre position on reel number three. Each one of these male symbols has a multiplier. This multiplier increases every time they are captured. This multiplier is applied to the line bet and can make for big wins for the player.