A Closer Look At Whospunit Slot Game Online

Online slot games are amongst the most popular kinds of casino games around. They offer players the same level of entertainment and excitement that traditional slot games bring, but add in the convenience of being able to play from the comfort of their own homes.

For the past few years, Betsoft has managed to establish itself as a reliable source of online slot games. As a result, the online casino game developer has a firm understanding of which themes work well for players, and detective themes is certainly one of them. Whospunit slot is one of the developer’s most recent detective-based games that has plenty to offer players, including an intricate storyline.

The Storyline

The entire premise of Whospunit slot game is based on the idea that players need to help solve the murder of Dr Farmington. There are five different suspects, each of whom have their own persona. Firstly, there is the slightly arrogant Dr Van Austren, the very rich entrepreneur Mr Wellington, the flirtatious Miss Ellie, Charles Covington, as well as Miss Eliza Jane. The idea is that players are to follow the clues located throughout the game, which has several different levels. Online casinos players need to uncover the murder weapon and clue images, as well as discovering the scene of the crime.

The Symbols

Every online slot game needs to have a number of great symbols attached to it, as these not only convey the overall theme of the game, they also make it easy for players to take one look at the reels and determine what exactly is going on. Whospunit slot game, of course, has several symbols relating to its detective mystery theme. These include the five suspects mentioned above, as well as a magnifying glass, a detective’s wall of clues and a safe. Each and every one of these symbols has been expertly crafted and displays some very impressive graphics.

Optimised For Several Devices

Online slot games are incredibly convenient, which is one of the main reasons for them being as popular as they are. However, Whospunit slot game has been optimised to suit a range of different devices, making it even easier and more accessible for players. What this means is that the game instantly adapts to fit the screen of the device it is being played on. Players will be able to access this game from the likes of their mobile phones, tablets or smart watches without hampering the game’s overall functionality even slightly. Apart from a reliable device to play on, players will simply need to ensure that they have a stable Internet connection and the game will function just perfectly.

All in all, Whospunit slot game is the ideal game for mobile casino Australia players who love detective mysteries. What better way to celebrate the genre than to fully submerge yourself in it and become a part of the action? And the fact that there is always a possibility of you walking away with real money certainly doesn’t hurt either.