Wishes Come True In Three Wishes Slot Games

The Three Wishes slot machine game, created by Betsoft, is a five reel, thirty pay line online slot machine game. It features a theme based around the popular Aladdin story, and goes a long way to do this theme justice with 3D models, an interactive soundtrack, and beautiful animations that trigger when wins are achieved. Be sure to also check out the exceptional bonus mini-game, which will have the player summoning a genie to have wishes granted. This game is available to play online, with versions available on mobile phone, laptop, home computer and tablet.

Standard Play Symbols

The well made symbols in the Three Wishes slot machine game have differing values, but all share equally as impressive animations. The lowest value symbol is the basket, with the bowl of fruit, red gem and crystal ball next in line. The crossed swords are next, followed by the bars of gold and amusing camel. The Arabian princess is the highest value symbol, and will give payouts of a substantial amount if matched with herself a maximum of five times. The magic carpet is a wild symbol, and can match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence where none was possible previously. The real money in the game, however, is in the bonus symbols.

Basic Play Rules

The Three Wishes slot machine game works by the expected rules at https://onlinebingocanada.co/, with a few added bonus features. In order to start spinning, the player must first decide on betting lines, and the bet per line. This can be adjusted via the interface at the bottom of the screen. Since Three Wishes is a five reel, thirty line play system, bets can be placed on just one line, the centre, or anywhere from two lines to all thirty. Remember that the more lines bet on, the greater the chance of creating a matching sequence, but the larger the required upfront bet. Once betting lines have been decided, the player may now spin the reels via the spin button, which is located at the bottom right of the screen. Once the reels come to a stop, any matching sequences will automatically be marked, and applicable payouts made. The player may now again adjust the betting lines and desired upfront bet. If any of the bonus feature symbols are landed during play, the mini-game or free spins granted will instantly play out, and winnings earned added to the balance. For a more detailed explanation of the play rules, please click the play table button found on the user interface.

Bonus Features

There are three bonus features in the Three Wishes slot game. This fist is the monkey icon, who if appearing on position two of reel three, will grant an instant cash bonus. The second is the genies treasure icon, which has to match with itself three, four, or five times, in any position. Each match will grant a number of free spins. Finally, the expected magic lamp symbol is the big one. If matching with itself three times, the magic lamp will release the genie, who prompts the player to pick one of six prizes. Each prize grants a cash reward and number of free spins.