Jacks Or Better Multihand Review

Jacks Or Better Multihand by Realtime Gaming is a variant of poker that is played where only combinations of the playing cards that are ranked as jacks or better pay out to the player.

The layout of this video poker game is quite involved, but once properly broken down is very simple to understand. The background for this video poker game is a navy blue background with playing card suits displayed. The playing card suits that are displayed in this background include hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. In the middle of the screen, the player can see the multiples of card hands that they will be playing during the game. In the top right corner of the screen, the player can see the name of this game, Jacks Or Better Multihand, with the number of hands they will be playing displayed in bright blue and orange displayed right under it.

Under that, the player can increase and decrease their onlineĀ betting amount by pushing the yellow arrows that are pointing to the left and to the right. As the player increases or decreases the betting amount, there is a sound cue that goes along with it. Under that is the number of credits the player has won. Below that is the number of coins played and under that is the total coins played. Under this is a red digital display box that shows how many credits the player has left.

There are also three buttons that are at the bottom of the playing screen. The first of these buttons is the blue bet one button. The blue bet one button, when pushed, increases the number of coins played by the player. It ranges from one, being the lowest, to five, which is the highest. There is also a sound cue for this action. To the right of that is the deal button. When the player pushes the orange deal button, the first hand is dealt to them. This button then turns into the draw button. To the right of that is the green bet max button. If the player pushes this button, the game will bet the maximum amount and automatically deal the first hand to the player.

Jacks Or Better Multihand Gameplay

In this game, the player is dealt a hand of five cards. The game is played like five card draw poker, but only jacks or better will actually pay out. Once the player has been dealt their cards and decided which cards they would like to keep, they push the draw button and are given replacement cards.

The cards that are held are held over all of the available hands and replacement cards are also given to all of the multiple hands. The winnings are then calculated at the end of the round.

Jacks Or Better Multihand Betting and Winnings

The minimum coin bet is .05 for this game while the maximum coin bet is one dollar. The bets in between include .25 and .50.

The value of the hands from least valuable to most valuable are jacks or better, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush.