See What’s On The Slab in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot Slot

Alchemy meets gothic horror in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot – also known as Dr Frantic and the Lab of Loot – online video slot. With 20 non-adjustable paylines, this five-reel internet Canadian Casino Games is modelled after the mad scientist motif that has always captured the human imagination.

Players can gain entry to Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot for a minimum wager of 0.01 credits per line. As the paylines in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot are not adjustable, players must play all 20 of them, so the minimum bet per spin is 0.20 credits. Meanwhile, the maximum wager per spin in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot is a sizeable 400.00 coins.

The incentive to take that kind of risk is provided to players in the form of the Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot fixed jackpot of 5000 coins.

An Eerie Evil Genius on the Reels

The silver-whiskered Dr Frantic may look harmless enough but there is certainly something sinister beneath the surface in real money pokies Australia. The dark science that goes on in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot become apparent when players discover items like human brains with spikes drilled into them, radioactive warning signs, and an array of mysterious concoctions spinning on the reels. Other Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot symbols include a large power switch that presumably sets some evil experiment in motion, the standard playing card symbols, and Dr Frantic – looking wild-eyed if innocuous – himself.

Far more disconcerting than the Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot slot’s visuals, however, are its soundtrack and sound effects, which include eerie organ music and the maniacal cackling of, presumably, Dr Frantic.

The Wild Slot’s Radioactive Reels

The wild symbol in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot slots is represented by the radioactive warning sign. Although it has no intrinsic value of its own, the wild symbol in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot has the power to replace any other symbol except the scatter to help create winning combos.

These radioactive symbols come in particularly handy during Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot special chain reactions, which are explained next.

Every Win Triggers a Chain Reaction

The most appealing element of the Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot is probably the chain reaction that occurs every time a winning combination is landed. Winning symbols are then held in place and the reels spin once more to potentially increase wins. If another winning combination is landed, then these symbols will also be held in place together with the original winning symbols while the reels spin once more.

This feature will continue in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot until a winless spin occurs, at which point the reels will return to normal.

The Scatter Symbol in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot

Another unique feature in Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot is the number of scatter symbols – up to 15 – that can appear on the reels at once. In Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot, the scatter symbol is represented by the power switch and players only need to land three scatters for a payout.

Landing 6 scatters or more, however, unlocks the Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot bonus round. Here, players are presented with a number of power levers. Pulling one of these levers will reveal a cash prize or multiplier of up to 12x.

Players can also activate the Power Up feature, which further increases their odds of winning, if they land the Dr Frantic’s Lab of Loot electrical symbol.